Barn Stall Winery

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 We have 7 different Muscadine based wines: Old Country Road, Rebel, Spurs, Lasso, Bucked Off, Wild Cowboy, and Stirrups. These are all Sweet wines the grapes grow from South Georgia down to Central Florida. Muscadine wines have significantly higher antioxidant levels than wines made of traditional grapes. They’re known as America's first grape and wine, these grapes have many different colors.
Muscadine wine pairs well with fruit and desserts like cheesecake or chocolate as a dessert wine.



Sweet Southern Red Wine. When you want to kick the rules to the side and saddle up and go for a ride. 11% alc


Old Country Road

Grape Wine with Natural Peach and Orange Flavors. A place where a cowboy and cowgirl go to fall in love with the smell of the hay field and a glass of this sweet wine 10.5% alc



Florida White Muscadine Table Wine. Says just enough for when you’re wanting to take her by the hand and go for a walk throught the pasture. 11% alc


Bucked Off

Florida Blush Muscadine Table Wine. For the heart ache. For dusting off your jeans when you fall. Standing back up tall and giving the next round a go. 11% alc



Sweet White Dessert Wine. For the cowboy and cowgirl that ain’t ready for the night to end. A little bit stronger. A lot smoother. Bonfire ready. 17.5% alc


Wild Horses

Grape Wine Flavored With Honey. Sweet enough to settle down any busy bee. 10.5% alc



Red Dessert Wine. After a rough ride, a sweet little red is just the thing to calm your heart. 18% alc